Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission

Commission History

The Sacramento Metropolitan Cable Television Commission (Commission) is the joint powers agency responsible for regulating the cable television/video State franchises in Sacramento County, California.


The power and authority of the Commission is vested with a Board of Directors consisting of eleven members. The Commission's Board of Directors is composed of members of the constituent jurisdictions: Sacramento County, City of Sacramento, City of Citrus Heights, City of Elk Grove, City of Rancho Cordova, City of Folsom, and City of Galt.

Formal Responsibilities

The Commission is responsible for:
  • Administering State-issued franchises for cable video service in Sacramento County;
  • Assisting consumers in resolving their cable/video issues and concerns;
  • Operations of Metro Cable 14, the local government channel;
  • Collection and allocation of franchise and PEG fee revenue;
  • Monitoring the use of PEG fee revenue to insure compliance with federal/state laws;
  • Monitoring community programming and Channel Licensees' funding which supports six community channels on the local cable system.
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